What is the shop minimum?


What is the hourly rate?


Can you tattoo anything?

Yes and no, we will work with you to give you the best advice as far as design,color, size. Please be sure as to what you would like to get and the reference that will help us get you there.

Do you do glow in the dark tattoos?

No and we don’t recommend anyone getting them!

Can you tattoo over stretch marks or scars?

Depends on the case, we’d have to see it first.

Should I tip?

While tipping is not expected it is always appreciated 10-15%

Do you do temporary tattoos?

No, they are all permanent

Do you do cosmetic tattooing?


If I have a tattoo unfinished, will you complete it?

Yes but it all depends on the situation as to why you cannot go back to your original artist.

Do you do piercings?


Do you do tattoo parties?